We Realize That This Security Install is Better Late Than Never

We thought about possible burglaries affecting our small business from time to time. But all the neighboring businesses in our small strip mall that we are located in said that they had not seen any trouble in the past 10 years. We took them at their word, and did not install any security equipment for that reason. We were trying to save money since we are a new business. After we became the first office to get broken into, we rushed to look at CCTV systems to see what would be best for our business. We should have done that when we first moved in, no matter what our business neighbors told us about no problems where we’re located.

The incident happened on a weekend night. We’re not open during the weekend, and most of the other businesses nearby are closed on Sundays as well. So, no one was around to be a witness. I’m sure that the criminal who was responsible for the break in also knew that Sunday night would be a good time to do his work. They kicked in our back door and came in to help themselves. Not only did they take our petty cash box, they also stole some of my employee’s belongings, wrecked some of our office furniture and damaged a painting that my mother painted for me. My mother is no longer alive, so I don’t have a way for her to paint me a new one. It has been heartbreaking.

We now have a proper alarm and even a new cam system installed. We made sure to get one that offers fantastic, clear footage. I often see many other companies turn in footage to police that is grainy and it’s hard to even tell what you’re seeing on the footage. Not with outs, it’s clear. Now, we feel ready for anything that comes our way in the future.

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