I Needed to Make a Big Change with My Wardrobe

I really wasn’t read for the cold weather in the state that I moved to. Having lived where it is warm almost all year round for most of my life, I just had a closet full of sandals and flip flops. After moving here, I figured I would get new shoes as needed. But I moved here in Septemember when it was already very cold. I looked online for a company that offers boots next day delivery because there was no way that I could wear a pair of fip flops to the grocery store in the cold snow! I will need to get acclimated pretty quickly here.

I lived where it was tropical, but I never really loved it. Other people adore the beach, palm trees and sand. I didn’t really care about it much. I just happened to live where it is tropical because I was born there. But I always loved cold weather when I got a chance to visit some other place or on the rare occasion that it got a little chillly where I lived before. And I love now that I live somewhere that it snows. I like having the change of seasons instead of just dealing with warm weather all year round.

The boots that arrived are so pretty. I’ve never had to own a pair before. They are even water resistant and I can stomp through the snow on my way to work with no problem now. I also needed to buy a heavey coat, lots of sweaters, some knit caps and some scarves. I feel so cozy every day, even when it is only 30 degrees outside. I love wearing all the different layers of clothing. And I really think that winter clothingis much more stylish than a pair of shorts and sandals, too.

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