Getting a New Apartment in Las Vegas

I love going to Las Vegas with my friends and family and we always end up staying in dumps. I hate to say it but we tend to be on the cheap side when it comes to traveling. Normally I don’t mind because I know we’re saving money but this time I wanted to really live it up when we went to visit again. I started looking into luxury apartments in las vegas because I wanted something a little bit more upscale this time. I browsed on the internet at the different apartments that were available and I found quite a few that I liked. Obviously I have a budget so I can’t go overboard but I did set it pretty generously. This is way more than I am accustomed to paying so people will be quite surprised when they’ve heard that I’ve made this kind of investment.

I ended up meeting with a few of these apartment complexes so that I could tour the grounds and find out what kind of amenities they offered. I was blown away by some of these places. The amenities were amazing and there were a lot of cool people that seemed to live there. I pulled the trigger and put a down payment on an apartment that I really liked and I got all the paperwork taken care of. It was then time to move all my stuff which is always a bummer. I didn’t want to tell anyone yet because I wanted to keep it a secret. I wanted to move in all my stuff and have my place all decked out and then I wanted to invite people over to give them a surprise. After I was moved in I called up my buddy and invited him over for cocktails. He was blown awa

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