Everyone Joins in the Party

There’s a particular site that offers invoice templates, and most of the companies in my area visit their website. You can tell which companies use the website because there is a particular style to the templates that is popular. Before the companies started using the templates, their invoices were very weird looking. Some of them looked pretty sloppy and others were just so stale. Whenever I used one of the local services in my neighborhood, I always get an invoice, and it’s nice to see that the companies have all taken an approach to make their company look better in such a simplistic way.

I went to a local print shop to get some flyers made for a local party. The party was just a block party for fun, with nothing special in mind. Everyone from the neighborhood would make a special dish for the party and help decorate with balloons and decorations. The print shop sent me an invoice for the cost of the flyers, and it had the template that I was used to seeing. I passed the flyers out to people in the neighborhood, put some on the bulletin board on the local community center, and on some telephone poles.

On the day of the party, everyone was ready to have fun. Lots of people brought alcoholic refreshments and one person brought his DJ equipment so he could provide music for the party. I never knew so many people in the neighborhood were able to dance so well. One person knew how to break dance and brought out a board where he could spin on the board. He started spinning slowly on his head and quickly picked up speed. The party went on for many hours, and didn’t really end until close to midnight. I hope we can do it again soon.

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