Cheapest Taxi Rentals in Bristol

I am in a bit of bind right now. My car is in the shop, but I still need to be able to get to work on a daily basis. I am also going to need to go other places, in order to run errands. I do not have a lot of money right now, but it looks like I will need to hire a taxi for Bristol to provide me with transportation for the next couple of days, at the least. Therefore, the onus is on me to find the cheapest taxi services that are located in this city, so that I can avoid spending too much money.

I am fairly upset to find myself in this situation, because I was hoping that my car would last longer, without experiencing any significant problems. I do not know how much the bill will be for getting it fixed. Right now, I do not want to even think about it, because I am sure that it will be too much. If I am lucky though, the car will only be in the shop for a few days, and then I will not have any need for a taxi.

I tried to get a friend to let me borrow his vehicle, so that I could get to work, but that did not work out. He said that he needed it for something, and would not give me any details. I guess that is irrelevant at this point. Anyway, I cannot afford to be late for work in the next few days. I will need to find a taxi that will offer prompt service, on a reliable basis. I am up for performance reviews at my job right now, and so it is crucial that I am always able to make it there on time.

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