Monthly Archive: December 2016

When I Began to Take My Health Seriously, the Weight Loss Followed

I was tired of being fat. I listened to all the people who said that you should be happy with every part of yourself, and not worry about losing weight if you’re not interested in doing so. But the more weight I gained, the more tired and unhealthy I felt. I realized that these people were missing the point that I was not healthy, and health is everything. The first help that I got was by looking for the best exercise bike so that I could get a good one to work out at home with. I planned on doing things right so that I could finally lose weight.

Trying a lot of fad diets didn’t help me. I had already heard that they don’t really work, but I tried them anyway because of my incorrect assumption that they would somehow work for me. I spent too much money buying the different foods each fat diet told me to eat. Now, I simple eat lean protein and veggies for most of my meals, and that is good enough for me. They taste good and are not expensive. The change to my diet helped me to lose some weight quickly and steadily.

The next thing that I wanted to do was to take working out very seriously. I don’t like simply running around the block or going hiking. I like sticking pretty close to home. I figured that, rather than sitting on the couch to watch TV at night, I could sit on my bike and watch TV while working out. After I got the bike, I worked on getting a treadmill. The use of both of these things has helped me to shed over 100 pounds. I really enjoy the new and improved me. I feel better and I don’t feel so tired anymore.

I Needed to Make a Big Change with My Wardrobe

I really wasn’t read for the cold weather in the state that I moved to. Having lived where it is warm almost all year round for most of my life, I just had a closet full of sandals and flip flops. After moving here, I figured I would get new shoes as needed. But I moved here in Septemember when it was already very cold. I looked online for a company that offers boots next day delivery because there was no way that I could wear a pair of fip flops to the grocery store in the cold snow! I will need to get acclimated pretty quickly here.

I lived where it was tropical, but I never really loved it. Other people adore the beach, palm trees and sand. I didn’t really care about it much. I just happened to live where it is tropical because I was born there. But I always loved cold weather when I got a chance to visit some other place or on the rare occasion that it got a little chillly where I lived before. And I love now that I live somewhere that it snows. I like having the change of seasons instead of just dealing with warm weather all year round.

The boots that arrived are so pretty. I’ve never had to own a pair before. They are even water resistant and I can stomp through the snow on my way to work with no problem now. I also needed to buy a heavey coat, lots of sweaters, some knit caps and some scarves. I feel so cozy every day, even when it is only 30 degrees outside. I love wearing all the different layers of clothing. And I really think that winter clothingis much more stylish than a pair of shorts and sandals, too.